• Our 2019 Students-of-the-Year 

    With Sponsors

    The program this year brought tears to my eyes.

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  • Students of the Year - 2019

  • The Sponsor for 

    Nathalie Guillossou

    Thomas Jefferson School

    Student of the Year


    Ray Savala with FIrst Community Credit Union

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  • 2019 SOTY Nathalie Guillossou with Ray Savala from F.C.C. U.
  • The Sponsor for 

    Julia Crowe

    Truman Middle School

    Student of the Year


    Carla Hayes with Office Depot

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  • The Sponsor for 

    Zoe Painter

    Sperreng Middle School

    Student of the Year - Eight Grade


    Randall Higgins with Speedpro Imaging

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  • The Sponsor for 

    Broderick "Brock" Johnson

    St. Justin Martyr School

    Student of the Year


    Eileen Eckard with Marcus Theatres 



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