• Students of the Month for School Year 2018-2019.

  • September Student of the Month - Haley Miller
    Haley is a senior at South Tech High School in the Health Sciences Program and will obtain National OSHA-Health Care Certification, Certified Nurse Assistant Certification through the State of Missouri, CPR certification from the American Heart Association, and Patient Care Technician certification.

    Haley was sponsored by Christine Lieber Agency - Shelter Insurance.  Thank you Haley for all that you have done and will accomplish in the future.  And Thank you Christine Lieber Agency - Shelter Insurance for your support and sponsorship of this program.


  • October Student of the Month - Aditti Seetharaman

    Aditi Seetharaman is an impressive Lindbergh High School student, both in academics and in her extracurricular involvement.  Being one of 17 International Baccalaureate candidates at Lindbergh, Aditi carries a 4.8 GPA and is ranked 3rd in a class of 549.  One of her teachers commented that "Aditi is a brilliant and hard working woman that can and will go on to do great things."  Suffice it to say that Aditi has captured the hearts of many of her teachers.

    Aditi was sponsored by Jerde Eye Specialist.  Thank you Aditi.  To be ranked 3 out of 549 is an outstanding accomplishment, and certainly a harbinger of things you will accomplish.  Thank you for your future.  And thank you Dr. Jerde for your support of this program by sponsoring Aditi.


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  • November Student of the Month - Caitlyn Collins

    Caitlyn Collins was selected to be the Student of the Month, and is a Sophmore at Thomas Jefferson School. Her teachers describe her as having a focused attitude and a thoughtful presence in class.  Caitlyn's greek teacher says, "she has her feet firmly on the ground and her hands stretched out the stars." But what is best about Caitlyn is her friendly spirit she brings each day and the loyal and kind friend she is to her classmates. They can count on her! 

    Caitlyn manages her challenging class load, which includes AP Physics and AP Government and Politics, with many extracurricular's. She is a student ambassador, and is also a member of the prom and spirit club. Year round she is a volunteer at the St. Louis zoo and does gymnastics. She hopes to attend the College of the Ozarks for Psychology. 

    Caitlyn was sponsored by Computer Solutions.  Thank you Andrew Bader (of Computer Solutions) and Computer Solutions for your support of Caitlyn and the Chamber of Commerce.

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  • December Student of the Month - Alyssa Spalding

    South Technical High School is nominating Alyssa Spalding, a senior in our Law Enforcement program to be Sunset Hills Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month.  Alyssa has demonstrated she is a dependable and even-tempered leader who consistently takes responsibility for the care of her fellow classmates and excels in both her program and academic studies.

    Alyssa earned the rank of lieutenant in her first year of Law Enforcement.  Instructor Sue Gibbons noted Alyssa’s gift for leadership early on saying, “I watched her helped students with their equipment, motivate them during physical training (even though she was tired herself) and almost every day after being dismissed she would inspect the classroom for anything that was out of place or accidentally left behind.” Gibbons is confident Alyssa will earn lieutenant ranking again this year.

     Alyssa is an outstanding academic student at Oakville High School where she carries a 3.6 GPA, but the character she displays consistently and effortlessly deserves recognition and appreciation.  She also works part-time at her family’s restaurant in Columbia, Illinois and cares for her younger brother daily. She was selected for National Technical Honor Society last year and also won the Presidential Academic Education Excellence Award.  She is also an active SkillsUSA member and participates in the film club at Oakville.

    Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center sponsored Alyssa.  In the photo Mr. Charles Lucier, of Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is shown with Alyssa.  

    Thank you Alyssa and Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.


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  • Proudly sponsored by Lindbergh Schools

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  • January Student of the Month - Madalyn McPike

    Madalyn McPike has amassed an impressive record at Lindbergh High School, both academically and personally.  Her dedication to her academics has been consistent and exceptional for all four years at LHS, where she has taken all honors level courses and is currently enrolled in five Advanced Placement classes (all college level).  Her cumulative GPA is 4.617 which shows that she not only extends herself but also has tremendous success.  Madalyn's teachers describe her as intelligent, friendly, hard-working, and someone who brings life to everyone around her.

    As if Madalyn isn't busy enough with her academic schedule, she is also a member of the nationally ranked Lindbergh Flyerette Dance Team, serving as co-captain this year.  In this capacity, she organizes practices, community service projects, and other events.  Madalyn excels in what she does because her compassion and respect for others is a part of who she is.  Madalyn is a natural leader, a well-rounded and dedicated student, and loves helping other people.

    Other key points about Madalyn:

    • Is a Shining Stars Coach, where she works with a dance team for Lindbergh students with special needs
    • Is a member of the National Honors Society, volunteering her time for the school and community

    Congratulations on your past endeavors and good luck with your future!

    Madalyn was sponsored by the Lindbergh Schools